Congrats to Filscan rewarded by Filecoin Grants

Filecoin Grant Hackathon closed its voting period on July 18th. 45 teams from US, China, India, Europe and Africa submitted applications and have received a total funding of 249,000 USD. We are honored that Filscan, as the third place, received high votes from the community and experts, and has been awarded prize funding.

Why does Filscan stand out in the Hackathon rankings?

In the Demo, the marketing leader of Filscan explained its development as an eco-first data service browser since its launch in 2019. Filecoin supports DevNet, TestNet, Calibration, and MainNet. Really drive the Filecoin network forward.

Filscan 2.0 has been upgraded with a more comprehensive data display and a fresh UI to provide more functional API interfaces, data visualization, or business investment forecasting.

Eco-participants can easily check out FIL revenue by visiting FILSCAN (, as well as access to data index of whole network, such as latest 24 hours of power growth and storage power.

Meanwhile, Under the trend of baseline & power and the basefee variation, we can keep an eye on the overall data trend in the daily, 30days or a year different period.

Filscan also lists the storage pool ranking and large transfer records, providing market data which is more useful to investors to get insight of current fund circulation.

In this short 3mins brief, Filscan summarizes its unique features for the public to understand it more easily and intuitively.

In the end, Filscan calls for more eco-participants to get in touch with them by email and Github to take part in the development for building a better Filecoin eco-system .

Web 3.0 Infrastructure Service Provider