Filecoin Mainnet went live at the block height of 148,888, up to the first anniversary after the mainnet launch, and Filecoin has undergone rapid growth and keeps growing at a fast speed.

Currently, the Filecoin ecosystem has 230+ organizations building on the network, with 465+ new projects entering the Filecoin…

An "energy crisis" has swept the world recently. As of September 2021, European natural gas prices have soared by 250% to a seven-year high. The cost of electricity has flown like a rocket. The price of electricity per MWh in the UK once rose to 285 pounds. …

The Storage Provider Incubation Center brings together the Filecoin Foundation and Venus Team to provide funding and technical support to small and medium storage providers.

The idea is to make it simple and convenient for small storage providers to join the Filecoin network by lowering the barrier to entry. …

What exactly is a sector for storage providers?

Why do some people choose 64GiB and others choose 32GiB? And how is the gas fee calculated?

What type of sector is more cost-effective to use in a specific situation?

  1. The Filecoin sector is not a physical sector.

From a physical perspective…

1. Application

1.1 Submit application

Overview of the incubation center

At 23:43 (UTC+8:00) on August 31, 2021, the Network Storage Power of Filecoin exceeded 10 EiB for the first time, ushering in another exciting milestone.

In this article, we will talk about the current status of the Filecoin network and its real data storage through the data on the Filecoin…

The Storage Provider Incubation Center has been in operation for exactly one month since launched on July 26. At present, storage providers from North America, Asia, and Europe are running stably with Venus. At this moment, we interviewed representatives from North America and Asia.

Q1:Hello, tell us more about yourself…

2020–8–25 to 2021–08–25, unknowingly, has reached the first anniversary of the Filecoin space race, so what changes have occurred in the Filecoin network and ecosystem during this year? And how is it changing the status quo of storage step by step? Here’s a review.

The Filecoin ecosystem is growing rapidly

Filscan launched its 2.1.0 Pro version on 6th August , aims to implement effective data monitoring, historical data query and email alerts to give out the instant update for Filecoin investors.

So, why is Filscan obsessed with data monitoring?

Indispensable vast data monitoring project

Data monitoring is an essential function…

Together with Filecoin Foundation, Filecoin Storage Provider Incubation Center (Incubation Center) sets the rewards of 100Fil for each storage provider who successfully joins the center.

We are thrilled to bring these updates. The first phase of the “Incubation Center” has been running smoothly for 2 weeks. These participants include storage…

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